Action Plan



The following is the proposed action plan for the year 2014-2015 of Air Cargo Agents Association of Pakistan, which also includes the sources of finance which are needed to accomplish the above action plan:

Promotion of Air Freight Industry

To Liaise with Business Community through FPCCI and felicitate them for smooth & cost efficient Air Exports & Imports.

  To represent Air Cargo Industry on National and International Forum as ACAAP being the member of Federation of Asia-Pacific Air-     cargo Association (FAPAA) since past couple of year ACAAP has worked cohesively for the Air Freight Industry in Pakistan.

Air Craft Fuel & Landing Charges

 Reduction in Air Craft Fuel and Landing charges, which from time to time the foreign Airlines increase/impose on Air Cargo Agents in Pakistan. ACAAP will also hold meetings at regular interval with IATA and Airlines to look into such matters and safe guard the interests of Air Cargo Agents in Pakistan.

CASS (Cargo Account Settlement System)

  Cargo Agents in Pakistan are facing difficulties with the system of this program of IATA.

 ACAAP has taken up this matter with IATA and the matter is under discussion and it is expected that soon this system will be removed from Pakistan.

Standing /Sub-Committees

Various activities of Air

Cargo Agents Association of Pakistan are being taken up by various Sub-committees consisting of Executive Committee Members.

 In resolving disputes/differences:- ACAAP always has been proactive in projecting / resolving issues of the industry with the government authorities, CAA, Customs, ANF, etc etc including Exporters & ACAAP Members.

 Financial dispute between Exporters and Cargo Agents. Every now and then ACAAP resolve such disputes.

 Disputes between Member Agents and Airlines regarding the lost shipments and damaged shipments were resolved and the Airlines ultimately reimbursed the loss of the cargo agents.

To limit credit period and collection of unpaid bills.

ACAAP plays proactive role to provide hassle free speedy clearance of goods through Installation of CAA owned Scanners and X-ray machines at leading Airports to ensure deliveries of products abroad in time.

 Working on for the Preparation of code of conduct for Air Cargo Agents.

For the promotion of Aviation sector and encourage development of infrastructure for required Air Cargo Shipments/Exports.

Issues to be taken up with Civil Aviation Authority and Government for establishment of Cargo Village at New Airport in Islamabad.

Association view is to supports that Pakistan shall continue to follow ‘Open skies policy’ for Cargo Operations.

 To increase Trade volume, it is essential to exploit advantage of Karachi as Hub for Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, etc.

 With unique location Pakistan has edge over Regional Countries, to make full use as gateway to CIS countries, Gulf and Middle-east.

 Working on to establish bilateral business relations and Trade with neighboring countries, SAARC and other Nations of Asia Pacific.
Default Insurance Program (DIP)

Default Insurance Program is a cost effective alternative to expensive financial guarantee to meet the requirements of IATA, the premium of which is very low.
ACAAP represented Pakistan at FAPAA meeting in Singapore and this program was discussed. where representatives of all the associations of the Asia Pacific Region, Regional Director IATA, Assistant Director IATA, Cargo Manager for Asia-IATA etc were also present.

ACAAP successfully presented the case of Pakistan Air Cargo Agents, IATA have no objection on the implementation of DIP in Pakistan and assured their support.

ACAAP is working on this program and soon it will be implemented in Pakistan.

 ACAAP recommend proposals and policies and assist Government in implementation of Trade Corridor program.


ACAAP is seeking permission from IATA for Aviation Training School and or Aviation Training Center of International Standard Training for our Industry personnel.

 ACAAP will arrange High class Standard Training Programs to boost knowledge for member agents and their staffs for below specialized courses.

Basic Cargo Sales Course and Introductory Cargo Courses.

 Danger Goods Regulation Course (DGR).

 Course on Aviation Cargo Marketing.

Formation of Freight Forwarders Association

 Formation of Freight Forwarders Association of Sub-Continent (Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, India, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Afghanistan etc and from CIS Countries like, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, etc to help and to assist land connected countries and provide Trade Corridor/Passage to neighboring states.


 To work closely with Airlines, Customs and Government of Pakistan and get action completed on IATA E-Freight latest by year 2015, as IATA targets 2016 as paperless Air Freight in the world.


 To make Air Cargo movements paper less in collaboration with Customs, Airlines etc

Theft & Pilferage

 ACAAP is working to control theft & pilferage of goods at the AFU Cargo Complex ACAAP is working in close cooperation with Customs and Civil Aviation Authority.

ACAAP has also suggested Government Authorities to install CCTV Surveillance cameras for effective control of theft and pilferage


Financial Impact

 The CEC in its meeting held on 10th September 2013 has approved an amount of Rs 1.5 million to carry out the above three years (2013, 2014, & 2015) proposed activity plan.


 This amount will be met from saving of mandatory subscriptions received from all the members of ACAAP annually as Renewal of Membership fee.


 Contributions received from ACAAP members, Insurance companies and Airlines.


 Savings from different programs and activities carried out by ACAAP like Annual Gala Night, DGR Courses, Sports Tournaments, etc.