All Members
Air Cargo Agents Association of Pakistan

Dear All Members,

Please refer, to our below circular (dated 8th July 2017). Many members tried to ease the situation at Lahore, using all available options, but unfortunately all were in vain. As you all know that there a few agents some members, are continuously creating troubles, creating disharmony & disinformation among the innocent members of Lahore.

All are also aware that in early July instant, they also forcefully occupied ACAAP’s office property at Lahore. They also got hold of Official Stationery (including Letterheads, Stamps, Seals etc), all Original Files and other Concerned Documents. We cannot also forget that these few people were not ready to allow ACAAP to hold DGR Course at ACAAP’s Regional Office.

The DGR course was supposed to be held urgently where the last dates was given by the IATA and the Regional office remained under siege, also the meetings of Executive Committee and general meetings took place in different agent’s offices like in the offices of M/s. Pakistan Cargo Services (Pvt) Ltd., M/s. Lahore Logistics etc.  furthermore, there was an offer from an IATA agent Mr. Muhammad Rafique Chaudhary of M/s. Pakistan Freight System to give his office in Lahore to retain Regional Office which is still not good for the integrity of Acaap and a challenge to the authority of the office bearers that in presence of Acaap Regional office (Acaap property), the meetings forced to be made outside the owned office property of Acaap. For his gestures of kindness and goodwill towards ACAAP the Executive Committee of ACAAP thanked him and the Regional Office of ACAAP Region ‘B’ was temporarily shifted to the space provided by my Mr. Muhammad Rafique Chaudhary.

They also tried to restrain the Office Bearers, Executive Committee members from other cities of Pakistan, from visiting and meeting Lahore members in recent past.

The Executive Committee, further noted that its getting difficult to run the affairs, continue workings and administer the affairs of Association’s Regional Office from Lahore.

Keeping in view of the circumstances, the Executive Committee, has now finally decided to upgrade the status of Sialkot Office, as REGIONAL OFFICE for REGION ‘B’, with immediate effect.

The members of Lahore City, are requested to please cooperate in this unenviable situation which has made impossible for ACAAP to continue its pursuance in addressing everyday affairs of respectable Members at Region ‘B’ especially Lahore.

Therefore, All Respectable Members of ACAAP are being informed that effective Monday 28th August 2017 the Regional Office of Air Cargo Agents Association of Pakistan (ACAAP) Region ‘B’ will be functioning from Sialkot at address given below:

Regional Office ACAAP Region ‘B’

Air Cargo Agents Association of Pakistan
B-1, Jawad Centre, Defence Road, Sialkot.
Telephone Nos: 052-3554267, Fax No: 052-3554268 


(1) Mr. Khurram Khadim
Regional Secretary ACAAP Region ‘B’
Cell No. 0322-4529253

(2)  Mr. Kalbe Abbas
Assistant Regional Secretary Region ‘B’
Cell No. 0334-8088051
email:  or

Thanks & best regards

S. M. Feroze
Secretary General