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Chief Executives

All Members ACAAP





Dear Sir/Madam,


All Members of Air Cargo Agents Association of Pakistan are requested to pay their Annual Membership Subscription for the financial year July 01, 2015 to June 30, 2016

for the renewal of Membership of ACAAP for the year 2015-2016.


Please note that the Membership of Air Cargo Agents Association of Pakistan expires on 31st March every year irrespective of the date of granting of membership, and is renewable

on annual basis subject to the fulfillment of following conditions:


  • Payment of prescribed Membership Subscription (fee).
  • Photo copy of computerized national identity card of Official Representative issued by NADRA along with a passport size photograph.
  • Photo copy of Proof of filing of a return of income or statement of agency u/s 143 (B) under income tax ordinance 1979 and Sales Tax if applicable, for the latest preceding assessment year.
  • Photo copy of IATA Registration Certificate of current year.
  • Official Representative Form
  • Specimen Signature Card
  • Latest attested copy (by SECP) of Form 29.


Kindly remit your Annual Membership Subscription Rs.15,000/- in shape of crossed cheque drawn in favour of Air Cargo Agents Association of Pakistan along with documents before

31st March 2015.


Last date for submission of Annual Membership Subscription at ACAAP Head Office is 31st March 2015. please note that if

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members fail to submit above Annual Subscription within stipulated time i.e.31st March 2015, the membership will not be renewed.


Yours truly,



Syed Humayun Zaidi

Secretary General